Monday, August 19, 2013

How to Write Self Study Report for Accreditation

As a QA professional in a public sector university in Saudi Arabia, I review program evaluation reports (SSR) submitted to Deanship of Quality before sending to National Commission for Academic Accreditation and Assessment in order to see whether the reports are in compliance with NCAAA format. During this review, I have found that many reports are simply the compilation of different parts without any coherence. It is because writing a self study report requires a systematic approach leading to a unified output.

Considering the significance of Self Study Reports (SSR), I find it necessary to share with my colleagues and faculty engaged in writing SSR as to how the report can be made more effective and accreditation oriented.

I will write this series of posts in order to avoid providing too much in put in one go and would be happy to answer any of the questions which would enhance your clarity.

Step by Step Guide:

1. Download the template for SSR from NCAAA website. Make sure you do not use the old format. Remember there are two different formats. Once for Institutional Self Assessment and the other for Program Self Assessment. For convenience, we would discuss program self assessment report mechanism.

2. Divide the report in three sections i.e. Section-1 ( A to F part of the template)
                                                                  Section-2 ( G part of the template comprising of Standards)
                                                                  Section-3 (H to K section of the template)

3. Assign one section to one group of faculty with a deadline for review of completed work.

4. For each section, read the template first before answering for the section. Each table or data required must be first collected.

5. Use a checklist to see whether a section is completed or not. For the checklist, send me an email at .

6. if you complete the checklist with all entries as "YES", your report would be ready to be submitted to NCAAA.

I will continue this blog taking up each section individually so that my readers may be facilitated further.

Dr Usmani