Tuesday, February 18, 2020

Role of Faculty in the provision of Quality Education

Almost all the Pakistani universities have a QA department. The major role of this QA is to prepare programs for Self-Assessment Report (SAR) using certain standards as provided by Quality Assurance agency (QAA), Pakistan. A group of faculty prepares this report called Self-Assessment Report which is evaluated by a panel of experts. This self-assessment mechanism is in line with international practices. The major issue in this exercise is to take faculty on board. Most of them believe it to be the job of QA department and ask QA to facilitate at each level. Recently, I was invited by hashtagILMA University, Pakistan to deliver a session on "Role of Faculty in Quality Assurance.” The crux of my talk was quite straight. “[Faculty] ignore what is required by QA department. Rather focus on developing and strengthening Internal Quality Assurance (IQA). If IQA cycle is well thought of and runs smoothly through FACULTY, they do not have to run for data and words to write program Self Assessment Report (SAR).” Universities need to establish IQA mechanism with direct involvement of faculty as this develops ownership and produces the desired results. How do you see the role of faculty in Quality Assurance??? hashtaghec hashtagquality hashtag#hec #quality #university #education #faculty

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